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New Website: This new website provides step-by-step animations of forty well known patterns that will grace any dinner table for banquet, wedding, feast or even supper in your own home. Keyboard control of each animation makes the individual steps easy to follow - just pause, make the fold, and continue.

Storage: Save yourself time – choose a technique based on the method of storage. In addition, if the napkins have been stored folded into quarters, avoid using a "Flat" or "Half" design because the extra creases will often spoil the appearance.

  • Stored Flat with no folds.
  • Stored folded in Half with just one fold.
  • Stored folded into Quarters with two folds.
  • Stored folded as a Triangle with one diagonal fold.

Final Use: Alternatively choose your method based on your plans:

  • Designs that can be prepared in advance and Stored Folded.
  • Designs that make Pockets for silverware or cards.
  • Designs that are striking because they Stand Tall.

Paper or Fabric: Most techniques can be used for both paper and a wide choice of Fabrics. However, some designs involve making a cuff, e.g., The Elf hat, or The Rose. Then, paper or stiffly-starched fabric may be less suitable.

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Difficulty: Some techniques are quick and easy; some are a little more awkward. Therefore, for each group we have also included an Options section ranking them from the easiest to the hardest.

In practice, attractiveness and difficulty are not closely related. In fact, one of the most eye-catching designs, The Tuxedo, is also one of the quickest and easiest to make.

Precision: When using napkins that have been stored folded, e.g., into Quarters, check the accuracy. If the corners don't stack over each other neatly, some designs will not look so neat.

Disclaimer: The designs and names used on this website are believed to be in the public domain and free of copyright protection. If you believe you are a copyright holder for any of the designs shown here, please Contact us.

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