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Artichoke Folding

Start with the napkin laying flat. Fold each corner to the center. Fold each of the new corners to the center. Carefully, turn the napkin over, and again fold each corner to the center. Extract the "leaf" from beneath each corner in turn. Place a dish or other decoration in the center.

How to fold the Artichoke

Ease of Folding: The Artichoke is complicated; it takes more time to fold and is more difficult to fold than many others. This is partly because turning it over may disturb the pattern.

Fabric: Moderately stiff napkin fabric ensures that the "leaves" hold their shape.

Precision: Accurate folding is required so that the corners inside each "leaf" are neat and symmetrical.

Notes: The final folded napkin may tend to spring open. This can be prevented by ironing each stage or by placing in the center a dish (as shown) or other suitable decoration.

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