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Napkin Tuxedo

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Napkin Tuxedo Folding

Start with the napkin prefolded as a triangle. Tuck the long edge under to make the collar. Fold each side across the middle to overlap each other. Then tuck the bottom under the napkin followed by both sides. Add a paper bow tie as a place name.

How to fold theNapkin Tuxedo

Ease of Folding: The Tuxedo is one of the easiest designs to fold. However, it takes a little time to neatly fold in the bottom and the two sides.

Fabric: This design can be folded in any fabric. However, the collar looks better when the fabric has some stiffness to mimic a tuxedo's fabric.

Precision: Not critical because as the collar can be narrow or wide and still look good.

Notes: Adding a name card in the form of a bow tie is a neat touch. However, cutting paper in the shape of bow ties is time consuming.

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